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Image Based Modeling (IBM) in Italy

This is a selection of some 3D models I created during a geophysical fieldwork campaign in the region of Lago di Bolsena (Viterbo, Italy) July 2017.
Photos were taken with a smartphone Google Nexus 6p.

Etruscan female sarcophagus sculpted during the middle of the 4th Century BC. It is a clear example of high artistic level of this culture. The iconographic program shows both local and imported trends from greek mythology.

Statue of the Roman God Mithra dated between 2nd and 3rd Century AD and currently displayed in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale Tarquiniense.

Photogrammetric model of a Roman sarcophacus displayed in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale Tarquiniense. Due to its location, it was not possible to document the rear and, for this reason, floor and wall have been modelled.

Tomba Betteni. This tomb is located in the graveyard of Tarquinia, an UNESCO World Heritage site.
The access to the burial chamber is excavated in the tuff and intersected by an aqueduct of the 18th Century. The tomb is made up of a single chamber.

Photogrammetric model of a terracotta Roman throne related to Bacchus. It is currently displayed in the Museo territoriale del lago di Bolsena. Some of parts have been physically reconstructed.

3D model of an Etruscan warrior statue displayed at the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale de Tarquinia