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The old hermitage of Falkenstein

In a clearing on the Falkenstein, northeast of the Wolfgangsee (Upper Austria), there is a chapel built in front of a cave. This monument, together with a nearby well, is connected to the myth of Wolfgang of Regensburg († 994). Now, through analysis of historical records as well as the use of archaeological methods, it is possible to shed more light on its history. In the Middle Ages, this place was already a highly frequented pilgrim path that led travellers over the Falkenstein to St. Wolfgang. However, in this investigation, the focus lies on a post-medieval hermitage that gave shelter to a series of hermits over the 17th and 18th centuries.
This model is a 3D visualisation based on all available sources: excavation results, geophysical prospection, remote sensing and historical accounts.
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The old hermitage of Falkenstein (Austria)