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Virtual Reconstruction of Carnuntum - panem et circenses

After the discovery of the gladiator school, the researchers of the LBI ArchPro have done a complete scan of the ancient town of Carnuntum (east of Vienna, Austria) by using ground penetrating radar (GPR). The scientists have revealed, without excavation, an entire city area next to the amphitheater, containing bakeries, taverns and shops – an essential infrastructure for Roman spectacles. Hidden under the later city wall, the radar system detected the remains of a wooden amphitheater located at an intersection of a road that followed the Roman frontier (Danube Limes) and the main road leading back to Rome; a temple for the Quadriviae (Roman goddesses of the cross-roads) was located right next to the building.

Juan torrejon car 2ndphase 1000

View from city wall towards amphitheater

Juan torrejon car 2ndphase 1578 ab2

Horreum (Roman granary) - visualization process

Juan torrejon car 2ndphase horreum toon

Horreum non-textured

Juan torrejon taverns overview01 2

Taverns district

Juan torrejon carnuntum cellar 01 2

Roman cellar

Panem et circenses - Tabernae in Carnuntum

Carnuntum - panem et circenses