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Roman Villa of Weyregg

3D visualization of a Roman villa located in the Austrian town of Weyregg, next to the beautiful lake Attersee. The site was excavated at the beginning of the 20th Century and recently investigated through geophysical prospection methods (GPR and magnetometer), resulting on a integrated interpretation, upon which this visualization is based.
Although most of the finds of the old excavation are nowadays lost, there are some records and drawings that helped us understanding the site. Apart from that, outstanding mosaics were found and preserved, giving us a clue of the importance and wealth of the family that owned this villa.
Geophysical prospection and its interpretation were carried out by Klaus Löcker, Ralf Totschnig and Hannes Schiel:
Additionally, a 3D-printed model of the villa was created and installed on the local museum.
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The Roman Villa of Weyregg